An Amigos de los Rios signage project aiming to create pedestrian oriented way-finding signage for Altadena, CA, an unincorporated community in LA County. The designs were based on preliminary work by Ives Brown, and expanded to additional locations. While the original concept only included streets, local businesses and public transit stops, the scope of these signs expanded to include tree-cover information in the area. 
Designing these panels involved taking geo-spatial street, building, and tree-cover data and formatting them to provide a clear, friendly viewer experience. I created a visual language that could maintain the geographic accuracy needed to show the complex tree-cover layer, while also providing the simpler functionality of a way-finding map. The project also included a large scale community-wide panel, as well as handheld maps created for the Altadena Town Council. The LA County permitting process to install the main panels is currently ongoing.
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