This project developed a line of clothing and merchandise inspired by the rich history and iconic imagery of Ancient Egypt, specifically tailored for audiences of the Horizon of Khufu virtual reality experience in New York, and the Eclipso Immersive Entertainment brand.
Authenticity and Representation: Incorporating accurate representations of Ancient Egyptian art, symbols, and motifs into contemporary clothing and merchandise designs, specifically focusing on the Old Kingdom dynasties that constructed the pyramids and related archeological sites.
VR Experience Integration: Ensuring that the designs resonate with the immersive virtual reality experience of exploring Ancient Egypt, making the merchandise an extension of the virtual journey.
Market Appeal: Creating products that attract both VR enthusiasts and fans of Ancient Egyptian history, offering them tangible connections to their virtual experience, while maintaining a connection to New York City streetwear.
Through careful research and consideration, these designs rely on accurate and appropriate recreations of Ancient Egyptian iconography and symbology. All hieroglyphs were carefully translated or reproduced from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and wall carvings from period appropriate archeological sites. 
Color Palette: Based on archeological descriptions and reproductions, the color palette for this project draws inspiration from traditional Egyptian colors like gold, blue, crimson, and some greem, adapting them to modern fashion trends.
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